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My name is Misses Georgette,

As a little girl born and raised in Mindelo, the music island, I had big dreams. I would open the window from my room, put my hand under my chin and just stare. I would stare at this little island in the middle of the ocean between the islands of São Vicente and San Antão called “Djeu”. As the oldest (of 21 childeren) in my family I had to take care of my brothers and sisters so when I had some spare time I would just stare and dream away. I dreamed of one day doing and showing great things. I guess I was visionary since I was a child. Now many, many years and experiences later the time has come to introduce you to my passion and reality. Our website will take you on this journey with me. Check it out and read about all the incredible things me and my staff has prepared for you, in order for you to have a “Complete Stay”. Our programs/activities and accommodations are selective developed with great care, cultural touches many “Morabeza” (hospitality) and a hugh part of my personality. Get to know The Cape Verde Islands through the eyes of “Georgette” with all high demand for great services!

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Is an ambitious, service and customer-oriented organization. As a group we believe in good business collaborations with various partners and our staff.

We stand for quality, customer orientation, very good service and exclusive guest friendliness.

Soon we will start our recruitment campaign for the staff of Hotel Chateau Georgette in Paul San Antão. In total we will recruit for 15 positions.

The campaign will consist of different stages:
1. Recruitment and selection (by an application committee)
2. Reference study
3. Training
4. Internship period
5. Contract

We are open to professional candidates for Hotel and Tourism.

We will soon recruit staff for various functions with: ethics, integrity, professionalism, ambition, customer orientation, customer friendliness and the most important thing: responsibility.

Do you want a great job in our Castle theme hotel Georgette in the Valley of Paúl?
Then keep an eye on our page!

With kind regards,


Hotel Chateau Georgette