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Welcome to Mindelo!

I welcome you to my guesthouse "@Georgette" in Mindelo "the feel @home experience". I love traveling myself. I have been traveling around the world all my life from Europe to North and South Amerika Africa and Asia. Based on my own traveling experience I offer you a great place to stay in the heart of Mindelo, guesthouse "@Georgette". The upmost important service I like to provide my quest is "comfort" in order for you to enjoy your holiday to the fullest and not have to worry about anything! We have great big beds with comfortable mattresses and pillows all imported from the USA. My staff wil make sure the accommodation is cleaned every day. We have a amazing continental breakfast with fresh fruits, healthy smoothies, fresh eggs and daily made fresh bread. Our coffee is from a local brand and made the old fashion way. The guesthouse is located in the heart of the capitol "Mindelo" right on the boulevard of the beautifull local beach called "Laginha". The guesthouse is in the building "Copabacana" and is located on the 5ft floor. The total square meters is 160m2 total and provides two incredible luxury large suites, the Kingsuite and the Queensuite. The whole accommodation is very stylish furnitured and has a breath taking ocean view.. The Cape Verdian hospitatilty (morabeza) is unique in it's own way. The main succes of @Georgette (since 2011) is because of our exclusive attention and services we have with our quest. For example we give our quest a lot of tips about: latest hotspots, where to have lunch ore diner, where and what time to enjoy the sunset, what island you can explore etc. With our Georgette's Aguas Sport & Tours program we take our guests to places they would never go to on their own. Basicly the main goal is for you "to really explore the island and it's culture through my eyes "Georgette's eyes..." See you soon! Georgette Georgette Group provides: aguas Sport & island Tours and Hotel Chateau Georgette (Ft 2021 in the Valley of Paul in San Antão with 15 suites). Our formula divines itself because of thé personal attention and information me and my staff will provide you with. In Cape Verde we have a one of a kind hospitality (morabeza) you will feel like family. With our own traveling experience and culture we serve you the perfect service! For yours and my protection please do not bring strangers in the apartment ore building. As electricity and water is expensive we ask you kindly to use it wise. Pleas turn of all advices (lights etc) off when not in use ore when you are leaving. Please pay with card ore CVE at the check-in. See you soon!


Owner Georgettegroup

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